Long-Term Agreements are available through Metal Finishing Company

  • An LTA is a contract which contains pricing, lead time, payment terms, transportation details as well as any other items that are pertinent to daily processing procedure or requirements
  • Metal Finishing Company has several LTA’s with major customers.
  • MFCO was the first to team with Beechcraft, Cessna and Spirit AeroSystems to put in place outside processing LTA’s
  • This allows a customer to lock in a price and turn time for a given period of time based on that statement of work being awarded to Metal Finishing Company for a set period of time
  • The set period of time can vary depending on the customers preference, typically 2 to 4 years
The LTA decreases the need for RFQ (request for quotations) and eliminates price uncertainty for a given period of time

Current Long-Term Agreements

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