October 1, 2019

Murdock Hard Anodize Line

Metal Finishing Company is pleased to announce we have completed installation of a new Hard Anodize line at our Murdock location. This line is currently focused on firearm related components and has the potential to take on a wide range of products in the aerospace, medical, and general commercial markets. With two dedicated hard anodize tanks we currently have significant excess capacity and look forward to future growth in this area. We are able to offer Hard Coat anodize with or without an added black dye for appearance.

Tony Velazquez, Murdock Processing Plant Manager, has this to say about the expansion: “I’m very pleased to have this new capability within the Metal Finishing Murdock facility. The ability to provide high volume hard anodize coatings on parts up to 8’ in length gives us a unique market presence and will allow us to grow in new areas outside our core aerospace focus. Our initial focus on firearm related components is particularly exciting to me and I look forward to expanding our presence in that area.”

Metal Finishing Company is able to accept FFL licensed components at the Murdock facility – please contact us with your Hard Anodize needs.

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