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MFCO’s new Murdock plant has been designed and engineered using lean concepts and a cellular approach to processing. This concept has virtually eliminated costly queue time enabling MFCO to offer time efficient processing at very competitive costs.

Murdock Facility quick turn

Processing includes:

  • Penetrant Inspection
  • Boric/Sulfuric Anodize
  • Chemical Conversion
  • Prime (common primers)

This facility, Metal Finishing Company North, has been designed to drastically reduce queue time and eliminate travel time between processes. This is our answer to the customers call to decrease lead time without increasing processing costs

Murdock Facility Quick Turn Processing Criteria

Located at 701 E. Murdock Wichita, Kansas
All Parts must be designated as eligible for processing per approvals and process limitations through MFCO estimating department.
Parts must be Pre-Planned in the MFCO operating system and approved for process at this facility.
Parts must be Aluminum and maximum size must fit within the dimensions of a 3 foot X 3 foot cube.

Murdock Blue Streak services

Processes currently offered include:

Penetrant Inspection

Chemical Conversion (Chem Film)

Boric Sulfuric Anodize


Prime and Top Coat

Turn times are three to four days depending on processes required

Pricing does not carry a premium and no expedite is charged for this service. Any orders requiring a quicker turn than listed must be expedited and will be processed at the Mclean Facility, monitored by your designated Customer Service Representative.

Current lead time averaging 99% on time delivery
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