Metal Finishing Company is a Certified FAA Repair Station. We have expertise in the following areas of non-destructive testing. Contact us for more information.

Liquid Penetrant Inspection
Immersion Ultrasonic Inspection
Through Transmission Ultrasonic Inspection
Data Acquisition & Analysis
Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Inspection
Resonance Inspection
Metal Bond Inspection
Film X – Radiography
Digital X – Radiography
Bolt Hole Inspection
Eddy Current – Special Applications
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Defect Characterization
Leak Testing
In-Service Inspection of Aircraft
Temper Verification
Conductivity Testing
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We invite you to contact us for any of your aerospace finishing product or service needs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our services page, contact us to see how we can create a custom solution for you!

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