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LONG TERM AGREEMENTS: Since 1940, it has been in the practice of Metal Finishing Co. to hold down costs in all ways possible. However, an Industry standard review is typically performed every two years and pricing is reviewed. Factors such as changes in material and labor costs are taken into account. This review can increase or decrease the cost of processing a particular part or group of parts. To guarantee set pricing and turn times for a given period of time for a part or group of parts they can be placed on a Long-Term Agreement where processing costs and turn times will be held for the length of that agreement. This must be specifically requested through our estimating department and approved by upper management. A written agreement will be submitted and signed by both parties stating an agreement is in place. Please read our Long-Term Agreements or LTA’s.

EXPEDITE POLICY: Expedite lead-times will be approximately two thirds “standard” lead-time. (Standard lead-time 5 days, Expedited lead-time 3 days) Parts will not be expedited if it is not clearly stated “EXPEDITE” on the purchase order. Expedite charges will be assessed at $50.00 per chargeable process. A list of chargeable processes vs. non-chargeable processes is available upon request. Expedited lead-times are based on normal workdays Monday through Friday. Weekend expedite charges will be assessed on a case by case basis. Weekend work must be requested by the Thursday prior to the requested weekend.

LEAD-TIME POLICY: Lead-time is the amount of time estimated to process parts in the shop, which will begin when the parts are released to the floor. This could be delayed due to the lack of required information on a given purchase order, such as material type, heat treat or defined masking instructions. Parts received in the shipping department, in the afternoon, will be released to the floor the following morning. Parts received in the morning will be released to the floor that afternoon.

DAMAGED OR MISSING PART POLICY: Metal Finishing Company’s policy regarding damaged or missing parts is detailed at the bottom of each quotation form as well as on the back of each invoice. Please call if you have any questions concerning this policy.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Each Company will be assigned a Customer Service Representative to service your account.

Please read our Terms and Conditions to see our complete policy

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