Aerospace Specific Procedures
Aerospace Specific Specifications
Aerospace Specific Equipment & Materials
In-Situ Inspection on Flight Hardware


We bridge theory with application. Our students perform inspection on actual hardware, using documented procedures and approved specifications, with production inspection equipment and materials under the guidance of certified personnel. They leave with command knowledge of inspection method, prime contractor, and process control requirements.

To Schedule a NDT Training

Bob Potter
Vice President of NDT/New Business Development
  • Liquid Penetrant For Aerospace, Wichita, KS, MFCO
  • Ultrasonic For Aerospace, Wichita, KS, MFCO
  • Magnetic Particle For Aerospace, Wichita, KS, MFCO
  • Radiography For Aerospace, Wichita, KS, MFCO
  • Eddy Current For Aerospace, Wichita, KS, MFCO
  • Temper Verification (Conductivity & Hardness Testing), Wichita, KS, MFCO
  • Weld Inspection, Wichita, KS, MFCO
  • NDT For Repairmen, Wichita, KS, MFCO  (FAA Approved Course)*
  • Radiation Safety, Wichita, KS, MFCO
* This is an FAA approved course that satisfies the renewal requirements of 14CFR65.93(a)(4). It is also registered with the American Society For Nondestructive Testing and 1.6 Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) are awarded. The CEU’s may be used to satisfy college credit hour requirements.
Weld Inspectors
Visual Inspectors
NDT Inspectors
Temper Verification

Personnel Certification

Testing and certification services are offered that address industry and prime contractor requirements. Tests reflect the equipment, procedures and specifications that is used to perform day to day tasks.

High Degree Of Expertise

Consulting is performed by experienced personnel with a high degree of expertise. Consulting personnel hold industry certification granted by the American Society of Quality (Certified Quality Engineer, Certified Mechanical Inspector, Certified Quality Auditor), American Welding Society (Certified Welding Inspector) and the American Society of Nondestructive Testing (Certificated Level III).

Program Development
Third Party Audit
Personnel Certification
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