November 1, 2017

Ultrasonic 10-Axis System

Metal Finishing Company is proud to introduce our newest ultrasonic system to the fleet - a Matec 10 Axis Automated Scanning System. This system complements our existing capabilities by offering multi axis scanning of complex shaped parts. It is the latest in inspection technology by providing:

  • Complex contour following (dual curve) capable consisting of dual independent 5 axis gantries.
  • Through Transmission (TTU) and simultaneous Pulse Echo (PE) for data collection.
  • 1000 Volt high power sinusoidal tone burst pulser receiver for TTU and dual 350 volt programmable square wave (with DAC/TCG) pulser receiver for PE testing. 125 dB dynamic range utilizing multi-channel linear/logarithmic amplifiers.
  • 25 feet scan area in the horizontal (X) axis, 5 feet in the lateral (Y) axis (two separate towers for Complex Contour Following) and 13 feet scan capability in the vertical (Z) axis.
  • Two independent gantries capable of complex 3D contour following.
  • Scan speeds in excess of 30 inches per second. System offers pulse on position data collection with data collection rates over 2000 PPS per channel.
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